Visiting societies

2022 Procession order and information for visiting societies

We are not sure all the invited societies are coming yet. Please do!

The procession map is below (or if you prefer is also available as a Procession PDF download - best printed on A3!)

Useful information for visiting societies is below that.


Our headquarters is the White Rock Hotel and there will be a temporary bar area set up inside which is available to all societies and groups. Various loos are available there.

Train disruptions!!

On 15 October 2022 there will be bus replacement services between Tunbridge Wells and Battle, with a shuttle train service between Battle and Hastings.

High-demand trains from West St Leonards and Battle will still run trains to Hastings, but there is still significant demand from those stations which will have replacement buses.

Society marshals

Your society’s marshals need to be clearly identified e.g. by a fluorescent armband, or badge (available from our HQ)


Parking for coaches is in Falaise Road. Some car parks opening times are limited by the event. Further information is at

Torches (main procession)

Ours are traditional hessian torches and, if cared for, will last for the duration of the procession. If the flame begins to die out just tap on the road to open up the hessian and it should relight. Please do not swing them about or drop them near or under vehicles.

Torch lighting

Torches are lit by HBBS Assembly Crew, at the approach to the entrance to Robertson Street

Banner re-torching

Banners will be re-torched at the Stade, west of Eat@the stade café, Old Town.

Handheld flares

Parachute flares are banned from the event. In date Category 1 flares are permitted. Please use responsibly and safely.

  • Users must be in the middle row of 3.

  • Spent cartridges must be dropped into fire carts or held until safe (cool) to drop on the roadside.

  • Misfires: misfires that are live and dropped on the floor, put your foot on the handle part of the flare until extinguished, then treat as a spent cartridge

  • Flares that do not activate, keep until you reach a water tub or the bonfire

Child members - new

Children who are members of our (or your) society may now carry torches from the age of 10 and upwards at the discretion of their parents. Parents need to make an assessment of their child / children’s physical and mental capacity to carry a torch in a responsible and safe manner and take responsibility for supervising them in any torch carrying they allow.

  • Please select an appropriate torch for your child (not too heavy)

  • Your child should be in the middle rank with one or more parent flanked to one or both sides

  • The procession is quite long, if the torch is becoming too heavy please take the torch to give your child a rest

Please note: It is the responsibility of the parent to ensure their child’s safety, and the safety of those around them

Pushchairs or disability

Pushchairs are permitted, at parental discretion so long as they are well away from the fire carts and cracker points. Please keep young children away from any burning torches, sparks smokes and ensure they have safety protection. Pushchairs cannot be taken onto the beach but must stay on the paved area.

Wheelchairs, members with limited mobility should assess the risk to themselves before joining the procession. There is a designated area which is wheelchair accessible near Pelham Place toilets.

Safety - bonfire, ambulance/first aid/exits

Our bonfire will be built from softwood and as such will get very hot especially if there is a sea breeze.

St. John Ambulance first aid point will be at the western end of George Street.

No glass is allowed on the fire-site or in the procession.

There will be marked exit routes from the fire-site to use; safely avoiding the firework area and members of the public. See enclosed fire-site plan.

Entry onto beach fire-site

There will be ‘set pieces’ throughout the procession, courtesy of Renegades Pyrotechnics to add colour and noise throughout our event.

We plan 3 stops of ‘Remembrance’ in our procession. However one of these may be disrupted because of an electrical problem that may close a block of our route and a little diversion. Fingers crossed.

Once at the bonfire the official lighting ceremony and The Bonfire Chant / Prayers come first. Wait for these to take place before throwing your torch on to the bonfire.

We hope you enjoy our event and have a great bonfire season.