Past events

2021 bonfire

2019 bonfire

What a spectacular event we had this year. It's almost impossible to highlight specific points that went so well but I shall try. During the day the canons firing a 25 gun salute with our ladies dressed so fine desperately trying to keep up with men marching in uniform. All this set the day off to great effect. 45 Guys made by local children which were then placed on the bonfire on the beach.

Nearly £6,000 collected for charity - an outstanding sum.

The procession armed with well made torches so the route lit the whole way, underpinned by careful planning at the start re the lighting and cheeky enemy heads too. The cracker-points provided sound and thrill which more than covered the no drop down rule. The Cyril and Lilan Bishop observance established so quickly and will be a new Hastings feature.

Then on a beautifully made beach site - not a glamorous job arranging barriers but one of the most essential done by that unseen team of grafters. Then an appropriate Bonfire effigy with Guy Fawkes bursting out a cake to end with a wonderful fireworks display- obviously the best this Sussex Bonfire Season. Marshals working all night in the route and the fire-site.

Clear up instantly the next morning by that team of committed people - always more needed to ease the burden. Thank you to everyone who was involved. It was a tremendous night - we are really proud of what we can achieve together.