Members information

Members information pages

Members pages are now on a separate site with restricted access to paid-up members:

Note this will not work for you until the membership list is uploaded for authentication. (Currently only our officers and captains are recorded in the new system as it is currently rolled out.)

For initial access instructions, please see below...

Instructions for Access to Members pages [click this to display]

To gain access to restricted pages for Members, you need Google authentication from your email address registered as a member. If you do not use a Google mail account yourself then you can register your own email with Google to add their authentication: -

  1. go to

  2. Enter your first & last names

  3. Click 'Use my current email address instead'

  4. Enter your non-gmail email address

  5. Look in your inbox for an email from Google

  6. Copy the numeric code in that email into the verification field in your browser, and hit [Verify]

  7. Optionally add your phone number, and d.o.b. to aid password recovery, checking permissions and accept the Ts & Cs

  8. Members can then use your own email address to get access to the restricted Members site.

Here's a video of how to do these steps if it helps: