Members information

To become a Society member, please see the Join Us page

Members information pages

Members pages are now on a separate website with restricted access only to paid-up members:

If this does not work and you get a 404 error (or server not found error) then:

  1. Please let Google know your email address - select the right email address with this link:
    You need to select the email address that Sue uses for your membership emails.

  2. If that does not work and you can't find your email address with step (1), then please register your email with Google and click the link in the email they send you (fuller instructions on this are below)

  3. Then try the members website again at

Let me know how it goes or any problems.



If you get access problems then please feel free to email me for help or to book a zoom IT support call.

Instructions: How to tell Google your email address, and so get access to the members website

To gain access to restricted pages for Members, you need Google authentication from your email address registered as a member. If you do not use a Google mail account yourself then you can register your own email with Google to add their authentication: -

  1. go to

  2. Enter your first & last names

  3. Click 'Use my current email address instead'

  4. Enter your non-gmail email address [the email address Sue uses to email you on]

  5. Look in your inbox for an email from Google

  6. Copy the numeric code in that email into the verification field in your browser, and hit [Verify]

  7. Optionally add your phone number, and d.o.b. to aid password recovery, checking permissions and accept the Ts & Cs

  8. Members can then use your own email address to get access to the restricted Members site -

Here's a video of how to do these steps if it helps: