Renegade Pyrotechnics limited are your local firework display company, and we're a part of HBBS (a subsidiary of HBBS ltd).  We have been providing professional firework displays for over 30 years. We are a specialist team who are proud to produce private and public displays that are competitively priced and visually exciting. We are among the first-choice professional firework display companies for many schools and organisations in and around Sussex.

All fees our we earn from firework display income is spent directly on the production of our annual fireworks display for HBBS.  We are a not-for-profit subsidiary of HBBS.

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About us

Our firework team are members of the bonfire society, and all give our time for free, lugging heavy stuff around and making stuff go bang and glitter.  We do this voluntarily to build funds to use for the annual Hastings beach bonfire.  We aim to pay for all the beach firework display without help from HBBS funds.  So buying our firework services for your private event helps Hastings generally in the bonfire cause. All of our profits are used in this way.

Renegade Pyrotechnics will make your wedding, anniversary, birthday, prom, festival or holiday celebrations truly memorable. We can create highflying barrages of colour,, earth-tremoring creations of noise or low-level mood setting displays. We will do our very best to fulfil your requests and expectations, subject to our site risk assessment.

Trusted for over 30 years with a clean safety record, we will endeavour to bring you the very best quality of fireworks and display with personal customisation, created by an experienced and professional team. We do have many repeat bookings so please contact us early as possible to guarantee Renegade Pyrotechnics for your event.

Sponsor a memorial firework

At our annual beach bonfire in October, we have a section of our firework display that is dedicated to memorial shells those who wish to remember someone special to them.

What we do is print off your memorial message and attach it to the firework.  We'll send you a photo of the firework in situ (well, at the top of the mortar so you can read it) before it goes up in a memorial section in the middle of the display.  Last year this started with a heart-shaped firework to mark the start of the memorial shells.

We ask for a minimum donation of £10. Further donations are always welcome!  The funds help towards the size of the firework display we can put on.

Want your own firework show?

Private Shows

Our shows start at £750, and we're holding that price despite our wholesale firework costs having gone up 30% since Covid.  Of course we can give a lot more bang for more bucks, but talk to us about what you want and we can suggest affordable ways of doing it.

You can see our main Hastings beach bonfire event on other pages here, and on YouTube and other sites.  You know we can do big!

Consider us for weddings, birthday parties, Bar Mitzvahs, divorce parties, and school shows (our main commercial activity are school proms and November fireworks)

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Renegade Pyrotechnics limited are registered as a company in England & Wales, number 06274663, were Incorporated on 11 June 2007 and have a registered office of C/O Ashdown Hurrey, Jackson Hall, Portland Place, Hastings, England, TN34 1QN.  We are a wholly-owned subsidiary of HBBS limited, company number 06277886

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Campaigns for funds for our 2023 beach firework display

Wh currently have two fundraising campaigns you can consider helping us with:

Examples of our firework styles

Aerial Barrage

We can create astonishing aerial displays with colours and effects to suit all occasions, from palm trees to chrysanthemum. The display can be centrally aligned or spread over a distance. According to our risk assessment and your budget we can also give you a choice of sizes and colours for your aerial bombardment of Burst Shells or Dragon Eggs.

Ground Fireworks

These would include cakes that can either be aerial repeaters that can be used to create whistles, locusts, bangs or mid level bursts of colour to Mines or Volcanoes with flare type effects or low to mid explosive one-offs.

Custom Fireworks

Lance work, Catherine wheels and fire rope are used at ground level. Catherine wheels are great to show the perimeter or centre while the fire rope and lance work can be used to create messages, pictures and greetings to add that personal touch to any display.

What to Expect

Our Displays

The process for putting on a firework display within a public space can be fraught with potential dangers. This is why we have given you these brief outlines of the process we use to make your display legitimate and most importantly, safe.

Risk Assessment (we remove the red tape)

When you book us, a qualified pyrotechnician will come and visit you and the proposed site. According to your budget and the size of the event we will endeavor to advise you on what fireworks can be a used safely and recommend getting the right permission from the local authorities depending on your event, insurance and other services.

Marshals Barriers (Yellow Jackets)

We will supply qualified and trusted marshals throughout the setup and finish of the event, this does potentially include the rental for barriers. This way we can assure that your event will be safe and comply with the UK & EU Health and safety laws, our insurance obligations and risk assessment procedures.

Safety & First Aid

Fireworks are inherently dangerous, it is for this reason that we take every possible step to make sure your event and guests are secure and free from any dangers in line with legislation and best industry practice.