Join us for Guy Making for 2019


Guy competition


Simple Guy Making

You need: Two wooden canes, old clothes, a large circle of plain fabric, string, old paper, paint or marker pens.

1. Tie the sticks into a cross.
2. Stuff the centre of the circle with scrunched up paper. Put the upright stick into the centre of the circle. Then pull the edges up and tie tightly onto the stick to make a head.
3. Thread the cross ways stick through the top / jacket. Tie up the sleeves and neck openings. Stuff with scrunched paper. Tie tightly to stick around the waist.
4. Tie the bottoms of trousers. Fill with scrunched paper. Tie onto the stick at the waist to join the top.
5. Paint or draw on a face.

Options: Hair can be made from wool or curled paper strips. Hats, shoes, hands etc. can be made from painted cardboard and or papier-mâché.